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Our services


The ALFA CHROM servis s.r.o. company was established in 1991 as the galvanic company where we made the hardchromium surface of the molds and other machine parts. During the process we must solved the local repairs and the dimension corrections of many parts, not only piston rods and cylinders, but the shape parts of the molds too. It was beginning of specialization – the repair of the mold.


Our know-how is based on using many technologies and earned the experience during some years.


Our target isn’t a design and a production of new molds, but we’d like to provide complete service to prepare a mold to a production, called pre-production service, a regular planned service of molds, spotting and refurbishment parting lines of molds, dimension correction of a deformation, polishing of mold shapes under a paint, under a pattern and optical parts to mirror polish too.


Our strategic target is offer a complete portfolio of a service of molds similar a regular service of cars, but a services of different accidents of molds too. We trust to personal and professional access, the experience and manual skills of our staff, flexibility, communication and effort to solve a problem.

The parametrs of plant

  • approximately 1700m2 of the area


  • 2 bridge cranes of loading capacity – 10 and 50 tons


  • 2  spotting machines
  • TUS100 -  weight of a mold up to 10 tons


  • the specialized workplaces
  • laser and TIG welding
  • 3D measuring on machine WENZEL
  • measurement of roughness polished shapes / hardness / thickness the chromium
  • 5-axis milling machine FIDIA
  • surface grinding
  • polishing
  • electrochemical metal coating
  • construction and technology CAD / CAM
  • We provide and supply cleaning unit for cooling circuits of molds


We would like to complete new plant until 2016 of:

  • next diode laser
  • 5-axis milling machine on parts up to 1,000 kg
  • grinder for electrodes
  • blasting pellets of CO2
  • laser engraving

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